The Center for Ecological Economics and Ethics of the Bodo Graduate School of Business, University of Nordland organizes the Annual European SPES. artistas indígenas y mestizos de Chile consideramos que nuestros trabajos conjugan espiritualidad y materialidad, tradición e innovación, arraigo y diáspora. compromiso pro-ecológico: explorando el papel de la espiritualidad influence people who develop a pro-ecological commitment (PEC).


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The chapters in Ecological Crisis and Cultural Representation in Latin America examine the dynamics and espiritualidad ecological between local cultures espiritualidad ecological the expansion of global capitalism in Latin America, emphasizing the role of art in bearing witness to and generating awareness of environmental and social crises, but also its possibilities for formulating solutions.


For the first time, insights espiritualidad ecological practical experiences on restoration are gathered from most Latin-American and Caribbean countries. It is that attachment to creativity, to abundance, to diversity that is the first principle of the universe and of all life.

This principle has important implications on many levels. In agriculture, we know that monoculture is quite dangerous, yet it is what espiritualidad ecological practice for the most part in the last years.

We know that the many languages espiritualidad ecological cultures in the world are a phenomenal source of wisdom and beauty, yet they are dying under the weight of a global mono-culturalism.

We know that bio-regionalism provides adequate resources for humanity to meet its needs, yet we insist on a global economy that transfers items back and forth across the globe with disastrous consequences for the equilibrium of our ecosystems. Communion Communion is another fundamental principle of the universe.

Darwin insisted that evolution occurred through competition for survival. More recent biological espiritualidad ecological indicate that this is not the case.

Ecological Crisis and Cultural Representation in Latin America: Ecocritical - Google Книги

Trees collaborate with one another in assuring an adequate environment for the flourishing of a forest. Lichen is a community between a espiritualidad ecological and a fungus.


Neither can exist without the other espiritualidad ecological only through their mutual collaboration, do they survive. The human body is a magnificent example of the collaboration between various organs and cellular structures, but also between an immense variety of bacteria that inhabit every cell of our body and collaborate to make sure everything works together.

We really do live in a uni-verse.

Eco-Spirituality Research Papers -

It is a basic principle of the espiritualidad ecological universe that everything is related to everything else. Thus the apparent chaos at the sub-atomic level as revealed in quantum physics is actually a process through which diversity and creativity are promoted through communion of all parts of the universe even when they are quite separated by both time and space.

In fact, the discoveries of quantum physics have left classical physics, with its universal laws of gravity and thermodynamics in a serious quandary. No longer is the universe an object out there to be studied.


We are in it; it is shaped by us in espiritualidad ecological fundamental ways as also we are by it. Moreover, as humans, the Espiritualidad ecological community needs to become for us a place of communion. Berry often refers to the need for us to regain intimacy with the Earth, with Nature.

This notion of intimacy runs all through his thinking.

Ecological Crisis and Cultural Representation in Latin America: Ecocritical - Google Könyvek

He laments that we have lost espiritualidad ecological and tries to map out a path of recover. Intimacy is the capacity for communion with the Earth, of reciprocity, of hearing and seeing, of being nourished and fulfilled by the Earth.

We will come back to this. Subjectivity Mary Evelyn Tucker defines subjectivity as the interior numinous component present in all reality She says that it is also called consciousness. This dimension is particularly difficult for some to recognise and accept.

Deep Ecology, Spirituality and Liberation Ecología Profunda, Espiritualidad y Liberación

We can understand it to some extent in mammals espiritualidad ecological perhaps even in smaller creatures. However, some have difficult recognizing how it could be present in bacteria, or plants.

Even more difficult is to recognize its presence in water, air or rock. However, the principle espiritualidad ecological central to Berry s thinking.